Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this already exist?

We couldn't find it anywhere. If it exists, it has really poor SEO :)

2. What do you mean by building relationships with investors though data?

Absence of an existing relationship, 99% of in-person meetings with early stage investors don’t result in an investment for startup founders. We wrote Why Your Startup Hasn't Gotten Funded to explain why. Grow, don’t pitch. Instead, use to share a real-time feed of your startup’s growth data with any investor you choose. So when your app starts to blow up, investors will start to show up. Mark our word!

3. What types of startups does support?

We support software startups and hardware startups that are driven by internet-connected software. This includes consumer, SMB and enterprise web and mobile apps, e-commerce sites, SaaS platforms, marketplaces, etc. Basically any internet-connected startup.

4. How does work? is a traction marketplace. Traction is quantitative evidence of customer demand. When you are able to show traction, you’ve proven that your startup has achieved product/market fit. In simple words, you’ve proven that you have a real business — numbers don’t lie. We exist to make it easy for startups to showcase traction by connecting their real-time growth data to a dashboard that can be privately shared with hand-picked investors.

  • Startups: 1) Connect their data; 2) Choose investors to share it with; 3) Focus on growing while letting their data can do the pitching.
  • Investors: 1) Create their profile; 2) Wait for startups to connect with them; 3) Monitor each startup's growth, and proactively reach out when timing is right.

5. How do I share my startup’s data?

We currently integrate with Google Analytics, Stripe, Mixpanel, Braintree and more. Upon creating your startup’s profile, assuming your data lives on any of the above data sources, connecting your data will only take a few minutes. Once connected, you can handpick investors to share your startup’s growth story with.

6. Why would I share my internal growth metrics before I have traction?

It’s simple. When you know that you have an audience watching your startup’s growth numbers, you focus on growing those numbers. When you focus on growing your startup's numbers, your startup gains traction. When your startup gains traction, investors take notice. When investors take notice, they ultimately pitch you. This is the best way to raise funding!

7. Is there a such thing as sharing my data too early?

No. The best time to share your growth data is the moment you’ve built your product and have zero customers. Why? Because from that moment, your numbers can only go up. Showing the ups and downs of your growth journey only makes your ultimate success more credible and demonstrates to would-be investors that you are transparent. Transparency is super important in today’s funding environment.

8. Is a venture capital fund?

Not currently. At present, we are only a marketplace. At some point in the future we plan to monetize the platform. Raising a fund and participating alongside investors on the platform to make data-driven investments in select startups, is one way that we may choose to ultimately make money. Regardless, our mission is to reduce the friction of startup fund raising by increasing transparency between startups and investors.

9. How do investors that I share my startup's data with follow its progress?

Similar to your startup's dashboard, investors have their own dashboard on Their dashboard enables them to monitor each of the startups that have chosen to connect and share data with them. To make monitoring easy, investors set traction alerts so that when any startup they track reaches growth targets that they've defined, they’re notified instantly.