Michael Dolbec

GE Ventures

Interest Areas

Machine Learning, Industrial Internet, Industrial IoT, Industrial Cyber Security, AI

Jonathan Ebinger

BlueRun Ventures

Interest Areas

EdTech, Fintech, Internet of Things, Restaurants, Mobile, Consumer Internet, Ecommerce

Edward Coady

Launch Capital

Interest Areas

Construction, Curated Web, Film, Governments, Marijuana & Tobacco, Real Estate, Agriculture, Marketplaces, B2B, Market Research

Niko Bonatsos

General Catalyst Partners

Interest Areas

Entertainment, Fashion, Information Services, SaaS, Mobile, Education, finance, Consumer Internet, Location Based Services, Internet, E-Commerce, Digital Media, Social Media, Social Commerce, Bridging Online and Offline, Small and Medium Businesses, Cloud Computing, Consumers, Enterprises, Platforms, Business Services

LJ Erwin


Interest Areas

Internet of Things, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Marketplaces, Augmented Reality, Data Security, Internet Technology, VR

Kanyi Maqubela

Collaborative Fund

Interest Areas

Collaborative Consumption, Mobile, transportation, Education, crowdfunding, Consumer Internet, Hardware, Health Care, Communities, Food and Beverages, Consumer Electronics, K-12 Education

Binh Tran

500 Startups

Interest Areas


Chris Yeh

Angel Investor

Interest Areas

Design, SaaS, Mobile, Education, E-Commerce, Social Media, Marketplaces, Information Technology, B2B, Games

Andreas Stavropoulos


Interest Areas

Enterprise, Mobile, Consumer Internet, Aerospace, IoT, crazy killer ideas

Prashant Fonseka


Interest Areas

Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Hardware & Software, Internet of Things, SaaS

Victoria Liang

Cota Capital

Interest Areas

Fintech, HealthTech, Internet of Things, SaaS, on demand, Big Data Analytics, Marketplaces, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing

sundeep ahuja

Angel Investor

Interest Areas

Design, Ventures for Good, Mobile, Internet, Enterprise Software, E-Commerce, Social Media, Platforms, Green, Product Design, Real Time, Usability, Reviews and Recommendations

Chi-Hua Chien

Goodwater Capital

Interest Areas

Apps, Collaborative Consumption, Consumer, Health and Wellness, HealthTech, Internet of Things, Mobile Health, Real Estate, Travel, Mobile, E-Commerce, Social Media, Information Technology

James Cham

Bloomberg Beta

Interest Areas

Media, SaaS, Mobile, software, Education, Location Based Services, Enterprise Software, Digital Media, Social Media, Big Data, Information Technology, Augmented Reality, Communities, Cloud Computing, Consumers, Consumer Behavior, Enterprise Security, Enterprises, Human Computer Interaction, Mobile Enterprise, Platforms, Tablets, iPad

Mark Linao

Technicolor Ventures

Interest Areas

Content Discovery, Marketing, Video, on demand, transportation, Digital Media, Sales and Marketing, Big Data Analytics, Application Platforms, Marketplaces

Thomas Thurston

WR Hambrecht Ventures

Interest Areas

Consumer, Fintech, Hardware & Software, Information Services, Internet of Things, Mobile, Enterprise Software, Marketplaces, Health Care, High Tech

Jonathan Hsu

The Social+Capital Partnership

Interest Areas

Consumer, Employment, Enterprise, Health and Wellness, Real Estate, Social Network, SaaS, Social, Financial Services, Education

Michael Seibel

Y Combinator

Interest Areas

Hardware & Software

Troy Carter

Cross Culture

Interest Areas

Apps, Consumer, Fintech, Health and Wellness, Internet of Things, Media, Real Estate, Social Network Media, Startups, Technology

Will Bunker

Angel Investor

Interest Areas

Consumer, Enterprise, Mobile

Austin Clements

TenOneTen Ventures

Interest Areas

Cloud Data Services, Digital Entertainment, Entertainment, Internet of Things, Media, Music, Technology, Data

Richard Kerby


Interest Areas

Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, SaaS, Mobile

Hamet Watt

Upfront Ventures

Interest Areas

Apps, Business Development, Collaboration, Collaborative Consumption, Digital Entertainment, Health and Wellness, HealthTech, Wearables, Mobile

Clarence Wooten


Interest Areas

Apps, Collaboration, Collaborative Consumption, Enterprise, Mobile

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